SmartTel Plus OÜ SP z.o.o. oddział w Polsce

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SmartTel Plus OÜ SP z.o.o. oddział w Polsce

SmartTel Plus is an Estonian company with its headquarters in Tallin and offices in Poland, Italy, Latvia and Russia. We offer intelligent cloud solutions and develop software solutions for communication services for businesses in Europe.

We offer applications (Dzinga and Apifonica) for processing calls with the use of complex algorithms. For instance, our general-purpose communication platform Apifonica manages voice and communication services, such as Voice (SIP) and Messaging (SMS, Fb, Tg, Viber, etc.), using REST API, and changes the status of voice calls in real time following customer instructions. This allows our customers to easily integrate in their processes and products such services as phone number masking, 2-way communication over text-based information exchange tools, create smart IVRs of any complexity, conduct mass interactive promotional and information campaigns, and use the communication platform in many other ways.

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